My name is Kamila, a Polish Physiotherapist who lives in Netherlands since July 2016.

I’ve got 4 years of professional experience in physiotherapy and massage. Many courses from various kinds of massage and physiotherapy enriched my experience and knowledge.

I followed:

Massage in biological regeneration and cosmetics-  anti- cellulite massage, Chinese suction cup anti- cellulite massage, hot stone massage, bamboo massage.

Rehabilitation massage –relaxation massage with aromatherapy elements, sport massage, Moxa therapy.

Physiotherapy- Integrated Soft Touch Techniques Trigger Points, Pain and Muscle Tone, Manual Therapy on Brian Mulligan’s Concept, PNF Concept and Kinesiology Taping.

Thanks to that I can connect both of these worlds, I can help people to get a balance between their body and mind.

As a  physiotherapist  I also implement coaching techniques to help people to achieve their goals in terms of wellness.

When working with people, the most important for me is to combine individual and psychological approach. Many  “problems”, sitting in our heads, can influence our physical health and well-being.

I am a positive and enthusiastic person with a sense of humour. I like working with people and for the people.

Massage gives me pleasure. During the therapy I give my all. I strive to create a warm atmosphere between me and my clients, and feeling of safety. I believe that it is a base of an efficient therapy.

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