Respect, presence and listening…this is the basis of my work.

Since my childhood, I loved to perceive with my hands. Something that, over time, has become my passion: to connect through touch.

 I’m an experienced massage therapist that offers a wide range of body treatments from deep tissue, decontracting to relaxing. Until March 2020, I was a part of a team in a prestigious Clinic near Madrid, Spain. And since April, I relocated to the Hague and joyfully joined the Massage Sense team.

Reflexology was the first massage that I learned. From the first moment, I fell in love with it. When I connect with someone else’s feet through conscious touch, they literally start to melt in front of my eyes. The stiffness of the body is gone, the person begins to breathe deeply and regularly and I can see that their body just started its self healing processes.

 Reflexology was soon followed by Shiatsu. When I discovered this Japanese art, it was as if I arrived home. What I love about it is its meticulous approach…the angle of the pressure, its timing, the precision in finding the exact points that should be stimulated. All this plays a very important part in a successful body treatment.

 When I treat clients with Shiatsu, I also use my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Even though in Shiatsu, we don’t insert needles, the healing effects of the body are very similar to those in TCM.

 According to the needs of the client, I use other massage techniques, such as deep tissue treatment combined with stretching (also called Thai Yoga) or abdominal massage of the inner organs.

 Working on the abdomen is a great way to increase the flow of energy and with it, balance the overall health of the person. When blood and energy flows freely in the abdomen, all the organs get new oxygenated blood and getting rid of waste as well as absorbing important nutrients is much more efficient.

Sensitivity and tact – other extremely important ingredients of my work.

I always do my best to create an atmosphere of trust and surrender – because only then can you really let go. Only then can your body start using its inner sources to balance itself and heal on the deepest levels.

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