In 2008 I founded Massage Sense. Since that time I have gained a lot of experience not only as a massage therapist, but also as an entrepreneur,  manager, inventor, teacher and mentor. My passion lead me to come in contact with many different people who are in different places in their lives This naturally brings different challenges to them.

This influenced my thinking about the ways body interacts with the mind and vice versa.  I believe that the manual therapy needs take into account also emotional and mental processes. So, I pursued the knowledge in both, separately, by completing two paths of education. One as a massage therapist and the other as a psychologist. During this journey my belief became a certainty, that it is the 2 sides of the same coin after all. Why not pay attention to both???

In my desire to help our clients in a most effective way, I started to combine these two approaches.  Therefore, I started to develop tailored programs (treatment plans and workshops) that would help particular groups of my clients with specific complaints.

Since January 2016 I am not active anymore in a massage therapy, but during my active years I assembled a team of like-minded therapists who continue my tradition and philosophy. Personalising each massage and our treatment plans are a signature of Massage Sense that caused a rise in our popularity especially with expat population in and around the Hague. For years now we hold a first place on Tripadvisor for Spas & Wellness in The Hague.



Zuzana’s massage was exactly what I needed, after weeks of planes, different hotels, poor sleep, work stress etc etc my back and shoulders were a mess. She managed to smoothe out the knots and make me feel so relaxed that I felt like a new person. I’ve had massages all over the world including clinical treatment facilities, Asian spas, hundreds over the years and Zuzana stands out as one of the best ever. I can’t wait to come back to Den Haag for another treatment. Note that her clinic is simple, basic and she’s not pushing any product, so don’t expect something commercial like you see in other “spas” – you come to Zuzana’s for a great massage and that’s what you get.

I have been going to Massage Sense for a while now due to a bad lower back. Zuzana is very good at getting the knots out and overall massage techniques. I can recommend them to anyone who wants a deep and robust muscle massage.

I visited The Hague last weekend and sought a massage after developing tight shoulders (desk work) and a pained left knee (from running). It took me a little while to find a reputable establishment with availability – and so I wandered along to Massage Sense. The lady (Zuzana) talked to me for a while about the areas on which she should concentrate and encouraged me to speak up if the pressure, etc wasn’t as I wanted. The environment was clean and relaxing and Zuzana correctly identified the areas – and reasons – for my tight muscles (poor posture when at my desk; ancient running shoes failing to support supination). I went for the 90 minute massage and was very pleased with my experience – hence why I am writing this review.