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Backache Home Remedies

We all like to have a bit of control and be able to do something on our own to help our pain. Right? As long as it is not a serious injury that should be treated by a professional, there are number of things you can do yourself to help. We often recommend our clients to do some of these also between massage sessions.

And, from our point of view as massage therapists, we can tell you that we prefer to work with clients that are happy to take control of their own health and take on board our tips and advice. Why should you suffer if you can help it?

Which approach you take, it is entirely up to you.

Hot Tub approach
In the ideal world, you would first sit in the bath filled with hot water and salt, and follow that with a half hour swimming. In reality, hot shower or even heat packs would alleviate the tension in the muscles. After the “heat-treat”, do a gentle exercise or just stretches to the sore area. That will increase the efficiency of this remedy.

If you are injured, instead of having a chronic back pain, it is wise to use ice on the injured part in the first 48 hours (NOT THE HEAT!). Ice has numbing effect and it is more suitable for emergency situations.

Tennis Ball approach
From our experience, using tennis ball gets very good results. Tennis ball makes a good self-massage tool for the back. First, find the most tender spot on your back by leaning on the tennis ball that is placed between you and the wall. Then, just be still for 2 minutes, keep leaning and concentrate on your breathing. Let your body weight work. When one area is done, move to the next.

Stretching approach
Gently stretching the sore muscles can relax and lengthen tight tissues, easing movement and reducing pain. But remember, overstretching can aggravate a bad back, increasing pain and possibly causing re-injury. To stretch correctly, take a stretch only to a point of mild tension, not pain. Hold the stretch at this point for at least ten seconds, making sure that you do not bounce on the stretch. During the stretch, take few deep breaths in and out. Relax the stretch and repeat right away two or three times.

Your muscles are kind of like springs. They tend to stretch fairly easily if you stretch correctly, but they tend to come back to their shortened position over the course of a few hours. So you will probably have to repeat these stretches throughout the day. Finally, if your pain or symptoms increase, stop the activity and consult with your physician or therapist.

Partner Massage approach
One of the best and most convenient ways to battle the back pain is to get a massage from your own partner in the comfort of your own home. Get nice massage oil and remember to repay the favor to each other. If you like to learn partner massage focused on back complains, we can teach you how.

Prevention-over-Cure approach
We all need start taking control of our own health and most of those steps should be preventative. Why waiting until we suffer from painful back? The best plan is to watch your body posture so you won’t get a sore back in the first place. If you want to learn how to work on your body posture, we have entire programme that will get you there. Further, if you drink enough fluids and move enough, you keep the muscles active, healthy and injury free.

What are your favourite backache home remedies? Share your tips in the comment section below.
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