Do something special this year, give a Gift of Health!

There is no reason to look for Christmas presents any further, Massage Sense has number of great gift options for your loved ones.

This year you can choose from:

  1. Health blend – € 89,- (Super deal!)
    This wonderful combined gift includes one hour massage, 3 of the highest quality “therapeutic grade” essential oils (with an audio guide of how to use them) and one of our most popular workshops, Stress Less Workshop. The total worth of this gift set is € 115!
  2. Choose a treatment – from € 65,-
    It is up to you to say what massage treatment or workshop you wish to get for your loved one. You can choose a single massage treatment, couples massage, or multiple options. And the price will depend on your choice. You will take with you the gift certificate then. (We can also facilitate electronic certificates if you wish to purchase them online)
  3. Healing Oils – € 25,-
    This gift helps your loved one to make use of the pure plant extracts to promote their health and well-being at the luxury of their own home. In the package, you find 3 of the highest quality “therapeutic grade” essential oils and an audio guide of how to use them.

E-mail us to see when you can pick up the gift or how to pay for electronic certificates.

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