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Get a better skin with these 5 tips

For us as massage therapists, the skin is first thing that we examine before starting our therapy on a client. It is a good indicator of overall health, age and condition of the person. You may have just now realised that even though most of our skin is covered by clothes, in everyday interactions with others, the skin can give away more about us than we are willing to share. Here, we share with you few tips on how to take care of this largest organ of your body.

1. Stress
We already know that stress can cause acne, but did you know that the texture of your skin is affected by stress too? When we find ourselves in the intense period without a way to relax or just simply let out the stress, our skin becomes thinner and its ability to regenerate decreases. Prolonged intense stress can eventually lead to redness, itchiness, and eczema.

2. Exercise
When we move often enough, we promote our body’s toxin elimination processes. Sweating, increased lymph flow and blood circulation, all these help to reduce free radicals that cause damage to the collagen (responsible for the skin’s elasticity) in the skin. More collagen, less wrinkles.

3. Sleep
The good night sleep is there for a reason. It is not only for refreshing your body and mind, but also it serves as a time for replenishing your skin. Did you ever wonder why we sometimes wake up with puffy eyes? That is because during sleep, there is increased blood flow to the facial area. This means that more nutrition is brought to this tissue.  Overall, sleep is skin’s “repair time”.

4. Water
Drinking enough water keeps your skin well hydrated and that makes wrinkles much less noticeable. What’s more, it also increases blood flow and reduces toxins in the body. It is a key to keeping your skin healthy.

5. Exfoliation
Scrubbing the skin has many benefits. It not only removes dead skin cells allowing better elimination of toxins out of it, it also increases the blood circulation that brings all the nutrients to it. If that was not enough, a body scrub also leaves the skin smoother, decreasing the appearance of cellulite. Combine a body scrub with massage and its effects will triple!

Do you have your way to keep your skin nice, firm and healthy? Share your secrets with us in the comment section below.

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