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Looking for the best massage practice in The Hague -Article, DenHaagDirect.

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IDHD-article-photo1n my series of articles I am looking for the best massage practice in the Hague. I will visit different massage practices in different parts of the Hague. There is a huge range of places in the Hague to get a massage, but unfortunately I can’t visit them all.

Of course, you can always leave your remarks in the comments below about other massage practices that you find good. I may be able to visit them later, so other people can read about them. The four highlighted businesses in my series were chosen based on tips from friends and positive reviews on line.

Today I pay visit to Massage Sense. This massage practice that is established in the Zoutmanstraat already looks calming on its website. At arrival I am received by Zuzana, owner and founder of Massage Sense. The lovely scent in the air makes me already pretty “Zen”. I am asked to take off my shoes and walk along to the massage room where it all happens.

Origin of Massage Sense

DHD article photo2Zuzana tells me of the origins of the practice and her way of working. Besides the fact that she has several diplomas and certificate in massage therapy, she has also completed a psychology degree at the Open University. This helps her in an effectiveness of treatments with high stress level clients. The name Massage Sense comes from the fact that the massage according to her “needs to make sense”. What a nice idea behind it!

DHD article photo3Number 1 on Tripadvisor
Massage Sense is number one on Tripadvisor, therefore the majority of the clients are expats, approximately 60%. The remaining 40% are locals. Massage Sense stands for tailor made approach to therapy. When a customer arrives for his treatment, he is not immediately asked to get on the table. In this practice they take time to sit down with the clients, offering a cup water or tea during which they are asked to fill in a medical form and indicate their physical complaints. Zuzana’s team of therapist stands for quality over quantity. They really want to contribute to the well-being of their clients. When Zuzana sees that the customer is suffering from specific issues, she referrer them to someone from her network ( eg. Chiropractor ) or she offers a specific treatment plan at her practice. So besides the fact that Massage Sense is number one on Tripatvisor, it is also first practice that was invited to provide massage treatment to the employees of the International Criminal Court, in the Hague. Her professional achievements resulted in appearance in a Slovak TV and in number of newspapers!

Team of Massage Sense
Massage Sense works only with experienced professional massage therapists. They receive monthly “in-house” trainings to continuously enhance their skills. The team members come from different countries. In the hallway you can see all the diplomas and certificates that were obtained by these therapists.

The massage
Obviously, what everyone has been waiting for……How was the massage? I can tell you , it was fantastic! I got an hour of back and the neck massage. While working on my back, Zuzana gave me some tips and she told me what she was doing a why. She allowed for silence at the right moments that allowed me to almost fall asleep from the relaxation. I was told that “it is the biggest compliment you can give to a massage therapist”! In addition she told me afterwards that she noticed I had knots in my back causing me pain, and she provided me with recommendation for a specific treatment program that I could follow if I wish to take the step further to improve my condition. Great to see that someone thinks with you!

Check out the different types of massages with corresponding prices here. I personally find it good value for the money, especially if you choose a “Loyalty Package” where you get a discount with your regular appointments.

Sharon Vooijs

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