Chair Massage

This Massage is a convenient, quick and inexpensive way to enjoy the benefits of massage.

Chair Massage is done while the client is fully clothed and comfortably seated in a special massage chair that allows access to the areas of greatest muscular tension; the back, neck, head, shoulders, arms and hands.

This unique massage chair is ergonomically designed and offers full support of the head (face forward), arms, torso and legs.

By using acupressure points and a combination of Sports and Shiatsu massage techniques, this massage treats the most common areas of tension and stress.

Our chair massage technique targets the manipulation of the soft tissues on your upper body, including; your head, neck, back and your shoulders that are generally the source of frequent tension. When seated in this massage chair, our therapists have easy access to these key areas, and the result is a targeted massage to pinpoint exact areas of tension on your body.

The muscles of your back, neck and shoulders are subjected to everyday stress and usually these stresses can cause your body tissue to become stiff and sore. Our therapists usually use their elbows with their hands to apply pressure to your affected areas and muscle groups during your chair massage. The outcome of this tender manipulation of tissue is muscle relaxation, and the removal of stress and tension.

Therefore, massage therapy plays a huge role in pain management. Muscle knots are usually the cause of aches and pains, particularly in your neck. The muscle group in your neck is generally the origin of pain that spreads throughout your shoulders, upper back, chest, arms, hands and the side of your head. Our skilled therapists can effectively target these muscle groups when you are sitting in the massage chair as well as release painful trigger points, providing the relief.

In addition to these physical benefits, therapeutic massage also provides many psychological benefits. While sitting in the chair, you are both mentally and physically relaxed, experience lower levels of anxiety and enhanced awareness and clarity of thought.

– Increases circulation and the flow of nutrients throughout the system

– Reduces muscular tension that can lead to chronic pain

– Stimulates lymphatic tissues thereby flushing out toxins

– Helps to relieve muscle stiffness and stress-induced tension

– Releases endorphins (feel-good hormone) into the blood stream

– Reduces fatigue, anxiety and depression

– Helps provide better quality of sleep

Do not use massage therapy to replace your regular medical care or as a reason to postpone seeing a health care provider about a medical problem.

If you have a medical condition and are unsure whether massage therapy would be appropriate for you, discuss your concerns with your health care provider. You might also look for published research articles on massage therapy for your condition.

Cancelation policy – Fixed & Flexible Appointments

Cancelation policy - Fixed & Flexible Appointments

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Chair Massage
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