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Sports Massage

The Sports Massage is based on the Swedish techniques and it is a form of deep tissue massage.

Sports massage uses certain soft tissue techniques to mobilise and manipulate muscles. Its main purpose is to enhance repair, relieve pain, prevent an injury or maintain health. It is ideal for acute injuries like ligament sprain or muscle tear but also for chronic, long-lasting neck or back problems.

Initially developed to help athletes prevent or treat sports injuries, Sports Massage focuses on soft and connective tissue injuries or stress caused by repetitive activities.

When you think about it, athletes aren’t the only people engaging in repetitive activities. Everyday people do, too – from sitting in a desk chair typing on a keyboard to bagging groceries to cutting hair – these repetitive activities can result in pain and even injury.

Almost everyone knows the benefits Massage Therapy provides for relieving stress, sore muscles, anxiety and even depression.
Each Sports Massage session at Massage Sense is tailored to the individual’s needs.

Keep in mind that you may need more than a few sessions to experience relief.
Some people enjoy the benefits of a monthly deep tissue massage, while others will need weekly care to see improvements. Talk with your massage therapist to determine what’s best for you.

It’s important to be realistic about what one deep tissue massage can achieve. Many people ask for more pressure, thinking that if the therapist just pushes hard enough, they can get rid of all their knots in an hour. This just won’t happen.

Physical Benefits​

→ Stretches soft tissue

→ Relieves muscle tension and pain

→ Supports good posture

→ Improves muscle flexibility

→ Reduces muscle spasm

→ Reduces swelling

Physiological Benefits​

→ Increases blood and lymph flow

→ Increases supply of oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissue

→ Stimulates nervous system

→ Removes waste products

Psychological Benefits​

→ Relieves tension and anxiety

→ Improves sleeping

→ Stimulates physical activity (eg pre event massage)

→ Improves  self-awareness by monitoring your own condition

It’s not unusual to have some lingering soreness for a few days following a deep tissue massage. Using a heating pad or a cold pack wrapped in a towel may help to relieve soreness.
Though massage therapy is generally safe, deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and may not be safe for everyone.

Speak to your doctor before having a deep tissue massage if you:

→ have a history of blood clots or a clotting disorder

→ are taking blood thinners

→ have a bleeding disorder

→ have cancer or are undergoing cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation

→ Anyone with osteoporosis or cancer that’s spread to the bones should avoid deep tissue massage as the firm pressure used may cause a fracture.

→ You should also hold off on deep tissue massages if you’re pregnant. (We offer Specialised Pregnancy Massage)

→ If you have an open wound or skin infection of any kind, you’ll need to reschedule to avoid developing a new infection or making an existing one worse.

If you plan to have regular Sports Massage sessions at Massage Sense, we have developed several discounted packages that will certainly meet your needs.

You may also ask your insurance company if they cover sports /deep tissue massages, and we can provide you with a detailed invoice.

We do not work with any insurance company, so make sure to contact your health insurance company and check your policy coverage.

Do not use massage therapy to replace your regular medical care or as a reason to postpone seeing a health care provider about a medical problem.
If you have a medical condition and are unsure whether massage therapy would be appropriate for you, discuss your concerns with your health care provider.
You might also look for published research articles on massage therapy for your condition.

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