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Daylight Saving Time: Don’t Loose Sleep When The Clocks Fall Back

Daylight saving time just ended not long ago and meaning that the clocks changed again to winter time. Pushing the clock to fall back can influence your sleep pattern, even when you gain an extra hour! Fortunately, with the right tips and preparation, you can still catch some much-needed Z’s, no matter what the clock […]

The Best Gift Ever!

Did you know that Massage Gift Vouchers constantly score high among the best appreciated gifts? Christmas, Valentine’s ,Women’s day, Mother’s or Father’s day are not only occasions you can use massage as a gift idea, but also B-days, wedding gifts, baby showers and much more… Everybody loves them! Moreover, with Massage Sense you can be […]

A discount on your first visit?

Have you heard about Massage Sense and wanted to try the treatment with us? How about getting a discount on your very first visit to “test us out”? Every Monday you can get 15% discount on all our FLEXIBLE appointments. So, go ahead a book for next Monday, the discount will be calculated during your […]

Job Opening – Apply now!

One of our lovely therapists will soon become a new mom, and as much as we are very happy and exited for her, we will miss her during her maternity leave. For you, this is an exiting opportunity to apply for available position of a massage therapist/contractor in our team. So, don’t hesitate, now is […]

New Review – Tripadvisor

Many thanks Tom L, Paderborn, Germany for your review: Best massage I could imagine We decided to book a couple massage two days ago and it was the best idea we had during our holiday in Den Haag. After 60 minutes we felt really relaxed and new born. We both have problems with our lower back and necks […]

New Review – Facebook

Many thanks Leisha Harkness for your review: Whilst on a trip away to The Hague my mother and I booked for a sports massage. We were absolutely blown away by how fantastic our therapists were. I cannot wait to feel the benefit tomorrow morning when I wake up and feel that my problem areas have received the […]

A facial please!

Since April 2017, a well known wellness and beauty therapist Julie Jones joined us at Massage Sense. We are happy to have her and you can schedule your facial directly with her. Find here her services and prices:

Crazy-Lazy Mondays

Every Monday you can get 15% discount on all our FLEXIBLE appointments. Be quick to book one now. Op=op :-)  Choose your treatment here.

Kristina, New Therapist at Massage Sense

An American massage therapist Kristina joined Massage Sense In July 2017. This lady with strong hands and calm relaxing persona is registered with Texas Department of State Health Services. So, if you have International, American or Canadian insurance, you better check with them if they will reimburse your massage treatments with Kristina. Read here about […]

Massage Classes are Back!

After Zuzana’s maternity leave, she is ready to teach you again those tips and tricks of couples massage. The popular private course is now available again, so sent an email to and schedule the class for you and your partner. Read here about the class.

A New Review – Tripadvisor

Many thanks Fi-kat from Puerto Escondido, Mexico for your review: Excellent therapists Wow this place is really fantastic. My husband and I have had 3 x 90 minute massages each over the past few months here and each one was excellent. We’ve tried 4 different therapists and all are again excellent. We are really so […]

How do you sleep?

According to leading experts in mental health, most adults in western cultures are found to be moderately to severely sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can happen due to different reasons. You can be a parent that needs to attend to your children number of times during your sleep hours, you may experience sleep difficulties, or you […]

Looking for the best massage practice in The Hague -Article, DenHaagDirect.

The original version here  In my series of articles I am looking for the best massage practice in the Hague. I will visit different massage practices in different parts of the Hague. There is a huge range of places in the Hague to get a massage, but unfortunately I can’t visit them all. Of course, you […]

Spain Retreat – The power of disconnecting! 10 -16 September 2016

Come and disconnect from the city buzz! At Spain retreat you can experience the healing power of nature and tranquil place without distractions. In the wonderful rural part of Spain, located in a protected nature reserve of Delta de l’Ebre (200km south of Barcelona), we will take you on a discovery of creating more awareness of […]

The Best Advice About Slowness I Have Ever Heard

Carl Honore brings up a very valuable point about the contemporary “road runner” culture. He says: “The world that we live in now is stuck in fast forward. We became obsessed with speed. We are doing everything faster with cramming more and more into less and less time. When we try to make things better, […]

Valentine’s Special

When you think about gifts to show your loved ones how much they matter, think about a Valentine’s Day massage. Special people deserve special treat! On Valentine’s day, you can now enjoy the romantic pampering together. Romance your partner with Valentine’s Special arrangement on this day. What does it include? Glass of prosecco and chocolate-dipped […]

Crazy-Lazy Mondays – Spring Promotion

In the spring 2016, you get every Monday a 15% discount on all Flexible massage treatments. Start your week relaxed and pampered, you may be surprised how well this boosts your effectiveness for the rest of the week. To book your appointment, simply choose the treatment on our website, scroll down and click the  Flexible […]

Emotional component of your back pain

Many clients come through our doors looking for a solution to their back pain. And many times we can help with one or multiple massage sessions. However, there are those few chronic pain cases that even despite our best efforts to loosen the muscles, giving the advice for appropriate stretches and providing them with corrective […]

Wellness Festival- 1st October 2015

Breaking news: for the first time ever, “The FeelGoodFest” will take place in The Hague! And it’s free too! It will all happen on Thursday, October 1st, 2015. You can make a tour through the neighborhood getting acquainted with the many FeelGood-Companies that are located in the Zeeheldenkwartier in an informal and accessible way. The […]

Could your posture be improved? Upper-cross syndrome

About 90% of us have gotten into postural imbalance and the common cause being pronged sitting using computers, even cell phones.