Top 20 anti-cellulite foods – Part 3

Remember, you can always do something about it. Take the steps today to start your anti-cellulite lifestyle. The secret is not to cut down bad foods from your diet, but start adding the good foods to it. You will see that the shift in your diet style will happen very smoothly and with no unnecessary striving…

The next 5 anti-cellulite foods are:

  • BERRIES – They are among the top antioxidant foods, counteracting sugar, fats and other pollutants that damage the skin and create the orange-peel effect. They include: Vitamin C (a powerful detoxifier and helps strengthen the skin) and Gamma linoleic acid (found in blackberries, this helps certain types of body fat burn more calories)
  • PEARS – Extremely detoxifying, pears can help reduce the effects of pollutants in the system, aiding the lymph. Also includes: Iodine (this mineral helps stimulate a sluggish metabolism), Fibre (also a weight-loss aid and vital for healthy digestion) and Potassium (to help fight fluid)
  • WATERMELON – Fluid-filled foods fight fluid retention! And watermelon contains a glass of water per slice Also includes: Lycopene (a vital antioxidant), Potassium (fights water retention by keeping fluid levels in the body balanced) and Fibre (good for circulation)
  • CITRUS FRUITS – One medium orange provides 80mg of vitamin C, twice the recommended daily intake for adults, vital for the building collagen.
    Also include: Methoxylated bioflavonoids (improve circulation and strengthen capillaries) and B vitamins (good for energy and circulation)
  • ONIONS – An important ingredient for many meals, onions are easy to incorporate into your everyday diet and excellent for busting cellulite.
    Also include: Sulphur (reduces free radical damage), Vitamin C (antioxidant that helps build collagen) and Vitamin E (protects cell membranes and prevents fats being oxidized)

Now, that you know which the best anti-cellulite foods are, you can start experimenting with their combinations. If you find this too much of a challenge, get a E-book with 29 recipes that are packed with cellulite busting ingredients from me just for 10 €! Email me now to get your anti-cellulite recipes!

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