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3 things you need to be aware of when buying an essential oil

You want to buy an essential oil but get confused about which company to buy from? It can be frustrating to navigate through hundreds of different brands on the market. Let me help you get some clarity in this area.

Do something special this year, give a Gift of Health!

There is no reason to look for Christmas presents any further, Massage Sense has for you number of great gift options for your loved ones.

You may suffer from TMJ syndrome and not even realise it.

This particular issue concerns mainly people who often need to hold their head in a position, for example when spending many hours behind the computer or laptop, or just simply looking down a lot. This syndrome results from poor body posture and stress. But it also becomes a problem for people, who grind their teeth during sleep.

What do you pay for?

What do you pay for when you get a massage? An overview.

Backache Home Remedies

Almost everyone suffers from back pain at some point in his or her life. Is it because you lifted something heavy or made a wrong move, or because you spent hours behind the computer?

Get a better skin with these 5 tips

For me as a massage therapist, the skin is first thing that I examine before I start my therapy on a client. It is a good indicator of overall health, age and condition of the person. You may have just now realized that even though most of our skin is covered by clothes, in everyday interactions with others, the skin can give away more about us than we are willing to share. Here, I share with you few tips on how to take care of this largest organ of your body.

3 things to get you ready for a bikini season

Apparently something like 90% of women have cellulite. Even super models from Victoria Secret Angels have cellulite. It’s just covered up by make-up and good lighting!

5 reasons why good body posture matters

I often tell my clients that improving body posture and monitoring how you use your body is very important. But why is that? How does it help to have a good body posture? You may be surprised to learn that it affects your life more than you thought.