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Crazy-Lazy Mondays – Spring Promotion

In the spring 2016, you get every Monday a 15% discount on all Flexible massage treatments. Start your week relaxed and pampered, you may be surprised how well this boosts your effectiveness for the rest of the week. To book your appointment, simply choose the treatment on our website, scroll down and click the  Flexible […]

Emotional component of your back pain

Many clients come through our doors looking for a solution to their back pain. And many times we can help with one or multiple massage sessions. However, there are those few chronic pain cases that even despite our best efforts to loosen the muscles, giving the advice for appropriate stretches and providing them with corrective […]

Wellness Festival- 1st October 2015

Breaking news: for the first time ever, “The FeelGoodFest” will take place in The Hague! And it’s free too! It will all happen on Thursday, October 1st, 2015. You can make a tour through the neighborhood getting acquainted with the many FeelGood-Companies that are located in the Zeeheldenkwartier in an informal and accessible way. The […]

Could your posture be improved? Upper-cross syndrome

About 90% of us have gotten into postural imbalance and the common cause being pronged sitting using computers, even cell phones.

The real truth about stress

The topic on stress and its consequences seems to be getting bigger and more important in the 21st century than it was before. And that is why I want you to know the truth! Not all stress is a bad bogey man to be feared. Knowing means having the power and control in your own hands. So, let’s see how do we differentiate the good from bad stress, shall we?

Caffeine- Part lll- How to get you off

I will now teach you how to compensate and get on the healthier path without compromising your performance levels.

Healing with essential oils – Upcoming free workshops

Please note that these workshops are FREE OF CHARGE if we have your confirmation of attendance minimum one week prior the workshop.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Caffeine – Part ll

The decisions you make today will pay off in the form of healthier body and mind in the future.

Lose weight with this easy system

This method helps you regulate your your reaction to hunger and to control your cravings.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Caffeine – Part l

Scientists generally consider consumption of caffeine as suitable only for people in extreme conditions.