Lose weight with this easy system

84At my last vacation I came across a book on losing weight written by Paul McKenna and it became instantly my favorite way to keep my body size in check. Let me share his principles with you.

If you read this article, you are most probably accustomed of the struggle and frustrations that accompany keeping your body weight to your liking, right? Also, you most probably tried couple of diets, or even went through some starvation for the sake of “fitting in those pants”! Let me ask you, how long did it take to get these kilos back and even put on some more? Does this sound familiar?

Let’s face it now, in the current world, there is abundance of food everywhere, and to keep your waist line, it seems like you have to keep limiting ourselves with food. But, if we keep denying us stuff, our brain simply makes us eat if we like it or not. We become emotional eaters as well! Then, how much success do you think you will have with any diet available? Think again.

What I am describing today is not a diet, but a method by which you can regulate your reaction to hunger, and most importantly, method on how to control your cravings for food by lowering the stress on you, caused by diets.

This method has a potential of a long term success, without the use of any special products or drugs.
Why I love it? Because you can eat everything that you are in the mood for, whenever you are in the mood for it and still keep losing weight.

Are you ready to try something new?

Before I share with you the secret recipe of all the naturally thin people who succeed to eat everything they like and still keep skinny, we need to understand 3 basic schemes that can prevent you to achieve your goal to lose weight.

  1. Are you obsessed with diets?
    Your mind set needs to change here. By following too many diets, you are used to always eat around some sort of “forbidden foods” . You need to understand, that if you try to control what you eat, how much, when and where you eat, you are making decisions from the outside. This “involuntary starvation” has lager consequences on you than you realise.(This study tell you more about those consequences)
  2. Are you eating to counterbalance stress?
    There is a lot of emotional background that makes us eat and has nothing to do with a physical hunger. If you suffer from emotional hunger, there is no food on this earth that makes you satisfied. Perhaps a good idea is to ask yourself a question “Am I really hungry now, or do I just want to lift up my mood?” If the second applies, do you know some other tricks that do not involve eating, that can help you lift your mood? Share your tips in the comment section below. Help me to help others :-) Feel better already?
  3. Do you have few unsupportive beliefs?
    Your struggles may be a result of your current psychological programming that caused you to develop some unsupportive habits. But there is a hope. You can learn how to change your innate programs and beliefs, as well as you can learn to develop new, more supportive habits. The new way of thinking and acting will bring you success.

And the secret is…

Your body is more intelligent than you may think. You try to trick it, it will force you eat one way or another. So the only thing you need to change is the way how you eat. The real recipe on how to stay naturally thin is to bring in your life 4 new habits that equal 4 golden rules. These 4 simple principles will help you make correct decisions on when and how to heat, how much and what to eat.

  1. Golden rule Nr.1- When you are hungry, EAT
    Believe it or not, you can gain starving yourself. If you skip a meal when you are hungry, your body starts making fat deposits to save energy for later in case the food is scarce. So if you try to lose weight by not eating, your body will try to extract fact from the little you give it and save it in your hips. Moreover, you also without noticing slow down the metabolism. No wonder you are also really tired all the time then.
    So, the only thing you have to do is to renew your natural reactions of your body and eat when you feel hungry. Soon enough, when you start listening to your own body, you will be able to recognize the authentic physical hunger from all the other types.
  2. Golden rule Nr.2 – Eat what you want, not what you think you should eat!
    The moment you free yourself from thinking about some foods as “forbidden”, you start your eating habits in a very different fashion. Our natural instincts tell us what our body needs and at the end, we automatically choose foods that will be balancing our body physiological needs. You also free yourself from the feelings of guilt and pressure, hence less emotional eating later. As long as you follow golden rule Nr.3, you will be fine.
  3. Golden rule Nr. 3 – Focus on your food and enjoy every single bite of it, fully.
    Do not eat in hurry without tasting what is in your mouth. Concentrate, use your senses, chew slowly and appreciate your food. You not only enjoy many benefits of serotonin (the happiness hormone) that is being released in your brain, but you also notice right in time when you are full. This prevents so much! The overeating that directly causes obesity, but also it spares you negative feelings after you overeat. These can be so intensive and self-destructive that fast eating is absolutely not worth it! Avoiding distractions such as watching TV during eating is highly recommended. Now you start understanding why, right?
  4. Golden rule Nr. 4 – When you fee that you are full, STOP eating.
    Listen to your instinct, it will serve you well. More you use this method, you get more in line with your own body’s rhythm. Most importantly, you will stop going against it. And as a matter of fact, completely forget the habit of eating until the plate is empty. Do not be afraid to get hungry again soon, just follow all the golden rules again. 1-when you are hungry, eat. 2-eat what you want, not what you think you should.3-enjoy every bite and eat slowly. 4-when you feel full, stop eating. Easy :-)

This system will help you not only lose weight, but you will also enjoy life more and have more energy. Positive feelings and more energy will get you off the sofa and in no time you are in shape again.

I am also providing you here with link to the original book , from which I took the inspiration for this article, for one simple reason, it has audio cd that you can use to reinforce this process with. Audio will help you manage stress, get more confident and most importantly it will work on your non-supportive beliefs. It worked miracle on me.

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