Caffeine- Part lll- How to get you off

In my last two articles I told you about how a habit like drinking coffee can contribute to your stress and discomfort. I also shared with you some facts about how to test for caffeine addiction. Today is time to talk about the solutions. What can you do to take your first steps in the direction of caffeine free lifestyle?

Just a habit

It is important to remember, that coffee drinking is a just a habit and it doesn’t cause any serious addiction. There is a lot of social pressure and social approval to keep it going though. But just like any habit, this one can be changed too. The only thing you need have is the right motivation to quit.

Once you decide to do so, first few days you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as sleepiness, irritability or few slight headaches. But if you follow my advice, this may not happen at all, because I will now teach you how to compensate and get on the healthier path without compromising your performance levels. Sounds promising? Trust me, I have many thankful clients that can confirm that my method works.

To stay alert and fresh without coffee

I use the power of peppermint essential oil. Unlike caffeine that masks the signals of the brain telling you that you are tired and constricting your blood vessels causing your heart to beat much faster, peppermint does the opposite. Only one drop of peppermint essential oil placed in your mouth relaxes your muscles, dilates the blood vessels to allow for more oxygen to be distributed in your entire body and the brain. As a consequence, you feel awake and refreshed. Moreover, your breath smells much better too :-)

Note that if you wish to use essential oils internally, ONLY “therapeutic grade” essential oils are safe to do so! Read my article on the differences of the oil quality on the current market.

The peppermint oil can be also used to spread over tense muscles such as neck and shoulders. By doing this you decrease physical and mental stressors even more.

To counteract withdrawal

Fastest way to get back in shape is to get rid of a build-up of toxins in your body. Any detox programme is fine, so look around what you can find. My personal advice if to pay attention to what you eat in next few days and if you like to be more active and efficient with the detox, you can also use lemon essential oil. Put one drop of lemon essential oil in a jar of fresh water and drink throughout the day. You can even combine lemon and peppermint oil in the water and drink together.

Note that essential oils are concentrated extracts, so the rule here applies: Less is more, and rather use them more frequently in smaller quantities.

To restore your sleep balance

Many people, who drink coffee, lack a proper amount of quality sleep. Sleep is restorative and lack of it makes you more tired. Hence, you feel you need to boost your body with some more coffee. This in turn takes your sleep out of balance some more.

To snap out of this vicious circle, I advise you start going to bed in a reasonable evening hour. Just calculate it. When do you have to get up? 7 am? Then 11.00 pm is the latest you should go to bed to get your 8 hour sleep, right? Once you determined what is your “bed-time hour”, stick with it. If you have trouble falling asleep during first weeks, you can use a lavender essential oil on the bottom of your feet. This nature’s “sedative” will help you to clear your head and go to the land of dreams in no time. After couple of weeks your body will be programmed for sleep cycle so well, that you will not need any help falling asleep. The sleep balance will be restored and you will experience many benefits of having a good regime. Guaranteed!

Apple a day keeps doctor away?

We often forget how important the fibre and natural vitamins and minerals are for good functioning of hour body. Apples have many benefits to our health, but in this case I want to point out the benefits of apple to the peristaltic function of your colon. After you have stopped drinking coffee, you may feel during first days some difficulties with regular “emptying”. My advice is to eat an apple sometime during the day. It not only gives you a “good sugar” that sustains your body’s energy in a healthier way and more efficiently, but it also ensures to bring your “regularity” back in balance.

How to deal with a social pressure?

Remember how fashionable it used to be to have a real brown sun-tan 30 years ago? Or how everyone was allowed to smoke cigars or cigarettes in the trains, office and bars? Just like any fashion that comes and goes, coffee is no exception. The moment people realise that the harm compared to the benefits of something is greater, they start evaluation process. Does this habit still serve me? Does it matter if I hold a cup of tea in my hand instead of coffee during meetings or social gatherings? No, not really. So why to keep this up at all if it harms my well-being?

Well, coffee doesn’t directly cause skin or lung cancer, so the fashion of drinking it may stay in our culture for a while. But that doesn’t mean you can’t change it for yourself now that you know better.
I wish you good luck and let me know how you managed in the comment section below. I am happy to hear your story.