Emotional component of your back pain

Many clients come through our doors looking for a solution to their back pain. And many times we can help with one or multiple massage sessions. However, there are those few chronic pain cases that even despite our best efforts to loosen the muscles, giving the advice for appropriate stretches and providing them with corrective exercises to improve their body posture, they don’t seem to get well completely. We make progress, but only to a certain point and no further. Why is that, you may wonder.

According to the mainstream western medicine, emotions and back pain are unrelated. This translates to our common sense. We do not automatically consider the link between these two. We usually seek to resolve our back issues as purely physical problem. More pain and discomfort we experience, we tend to ask for deeper and harder massage treatments. The “tough love” therapy seems to temporarily alleviate the symptoms, so we think that this stuff works, right?

Often, I witness reluctance to consider combined therapy when I suggest that there may be an emotional component to the problem.

To compare, there are other, older healing arts such as Chinese medicine or Ayurveda which don’t separate something that is in fact just two sides of the same coin. Their approach is so clever, that there is no need for separate “experts” to treat “separate issues”. And these “smart healers” deliver such powerful results! So, I think it is time for our mindset to change and start considering the emotional component of the back pains too.

As long as you expect the pain or discomfort to go away purely by addressing the physical issues, the solutions to your problems are limited. You have a choice to compliment what you already do with another approach that is covering the other angle to achieve much greater and longer lasting relief.


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