Our Story

Massage Sense was founded in 2011 and for the past years, has been rated as Nr. 1 of 42 Spas and Wellness businesses in Den Haag.

The company’s main goal has always been to provide the clients with the highest quality massage, as well as a great and welcoming atmosphere. One of the founder’s biggest priority has always been to the hire excellent therapists, who would be able to give the clients a superior and distinctive treatment. That played a huge part on keeping the company rated as number one for all this time, and that is the main reason why clients keep coming back. Her advertising was primarily word of mouth for a number of years.

Massage Sense was sold in July 2019 and is now under new management.

The company is being restructured according to our strategic plan set for 2019/2020. We embrace the past and focus on the future where the company is headed. The high values that differentiate us will be preserved.

The main focus is to maintain excellence in our quality standards, and always provide more value to our costumers.

It is also highly important to make sure that the therapists feel they are a valuable part of the company, and are provided with a great work environment and conditions.


Our “competitive edge” is our ability to give intuitive massage – to sense in the client’s musculature, posture and presence what work is needed – where the pain is, where the tension is. There is a way that years of study of technique combine with a deep knowledge of kinesiology and anatomy, that is then synthesized with an acute sense of empathy and ability to “read” people that enables us to provide a massage experience that is exactly what each client needs at that given moment.

We have repeatedly heard of word-of-mouth recommendations bringing in new clients with words like “magic hands” and “a higher sense of healing.”

Quite apart from this gift, or talent, however, is a sense of what it takes to run a business: How to pace appointments to conserve personal energy; how to use networking to reach prospective clients; how to maintain that fine balance between personal service and professional boundaries.