Massage Class for Couples

Have you ever gotten a massage from your partner that actually helped you?

In our private couples massage classes, Zuzana will help you to learn and refine your massage techniques. The techniques are simple, effective and help to relieve the stress and tension in the back, shoulders and neck. She will guide you through every technique until you and your partner are confident in the new skill you just learned.

In the relaxed atmosphere of our massage studio you will learn basic massage strokes which you can practice directly on your own partner. After the class you will also receive a written manual for the massage techniques you have learned that day.

There will be no excuse any more for getting out of massaging your partner since now you know what to do, and enjoy doing it! The tense back, shoulders and neck will be distant memories and you will have one more pleasant activity that you can share with your partner.

You can also give this massage workshop as a thoughtful present in a form of gift certificate.

To schedule the class or to order the certificate, send an email to

Cost: 160 euro per couple
Payment: Money transfer (upfront), or cash
Duration: 2,5 hours
Where: Zoutmanstraaat 26b, 2518 GR Den Haag
What: Basic massage strokes (Neck, Shoulders, Back)


Me and my wife took a 2,5 hrs massage class from Zuzana. The class really exceeded our expectations. It was educational both theoretically and practically and we learned some useful basic massage techniques. We had a very good time and we will certainly practice what we have learnt at home.

This was our first couples massage class and it was an awesome experience. Just a wonderful way to experience an oasis of calm in the midst of a hectic day-to-day life! The atmosphere is very relaxing and Zuzana did a good job. We recommend to anyone and will definitely be back.

I have a fond memory of the massage training for couples. It started from the moment we removed our shoes at the entrance and continued in the aromatic comfortable loft until we felt that we had taken off our coat of everyday cares and worries. From then on it was a journey of discovery for us both. While giving the massage I was continually asking myself: how will she react if I change the pressure here? will it tickle? will it hurt? what will it be like when it’s my turn to be massaged from my partner? Zuzana taught us her techniques, coached us and made sure we could continue at home what we learned from her. Thank you Zuzana.

The couples massage was a surprising experience for us. The welcome atmosphere, while entering the room, was relaxing. After a brief introduction, Zuzana handed us a guide that we could follow during the session. She explained different types of massages and the consequent effect on the body. Zuzana followed professionally the massage practice for us, giving advice and sometimes correcting the massage strokes. I found it very interesting to rediscover the loving and the caressing part of my relationship with my partner. I recommend the couples massage especially as a present: surely it will be highly appreciated.