Body Scrub Massage

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Did you know that your skin renews itself every 28 days?

As a biggest organ of human body, skin is responsible for a 1/4th of your daily detoxification. This makes it one of the most important elimination organs and it is essential to keep it vital. The body scrub massage is specifically designed to help keeping your skin highly functional.

The body scrub massage not only exfoliates and hydrates your skin, but it also revitalizes tired or overworked muscles.

In this treatment we are using Himalayan salt that is well known for its healing properties, cleansing and detoxifying. Furthermore, exfoliating the skin with Himalayan salt keeps the pores open and encourages your body’s discharge of metabolic wastes. This helps to carry out toxins and wastes away from your cells and into your elimination system.

Other benefits of a body scrub massage are:

  • By removing the dead skin cells we also achieve the decongestion of the skin and improve its absorption ability for nutrients.
  • Scrubbing stimulates circulation, improves skin tone and increases flow of lymph.
  • It increases skin cell renewal and frequent scrubbing helps to dissolve cellulite.

After having a body scrub massage you feel immediate results. You will be refreshed and your skin will be softer and cleaner than before!

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Elizabeth-HazlerhustAs a treat to myself, I booked the newly introduced “Body scrub massage”. This is a complete body scrub, followed by a lovely relaxing massage.
You really feel afterwards that your skin is ‘renewed’ .
The exfoliation is not too abrasive (some other places you feel as though you skin has been removed, becomes irritated and the experience is painful).
NOT HERE at Massage Sense!
1.5 hours of pure enjoyment and relaxation in the lovely new premises
I can highly recommend it :-)