Coming Soon!

From now on, all our Flexible appointments will also lead you to a payment page.

  • You may Select the option: “No Online Payment”
  • If you received a Coupon Code via email, you may use it to pay online.
  • If you still prefer to pay at the practice, please do NOT use the Coupon online, and just make sure you have it with you for your appointment.


We will be adding new Services to our menu really soon!

If you would like to be informed, whenever these services are available for booking, please send us an email, mentioning the service(s)you are interested.

Not only will you be guaranteed to have an available slot, but we will also give you 15% discount on your session (Flexible appointment).


  • Foot Massage (also foot massage for couples)
  • Reflexology
  • Cranio-Sacral massage
  • Chinese inner organ massage