Loyalty Packages

Massage Sense Loyalty Package is a premium service designed specifically for our regular clients. Massages are customised for the client’s needs and therefore we can achieve the best results. The main advantage of the Loyalty Package is the discount you will receive when you purchase the package.

Package options
There are a few combinations that can be chosen when purchasing the package. You can choose the package consisting of either 5 or 10 massages and whether you wish the treatments to last 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

With this package we offer our bestselling treatments, the Sports Massage and Javanese Massage.  However you can also choose one of the upgraded treatments such as Hot Stone Massage instead. The price of the package is then calculated based on the prices of those upgraded treatments.

Package of 5 treatments is valid for 5 months.

Package of 10 treatments is valid for 10 months.

How to get the package

Schedule a FLEXIBLE appointment and pay by pin the price of the package on spot. The appointment you have booked will already be counted as first session from your package.

Please note that when you have the loyalty package, you always need to use FLEXIBLE appointment type in our online booking, to schedule your next appointment.

5 sessions10 sessions
Sport Massage 60 min€ 332,-€ 630,-
Sport Massage 90 min€ 479,-€ 909,-
Javanese Massage 60 min€ 356,-€ 675,-
Javanese Massage 90 min€ 517,-€ 981,-