Mindful Massage

… is an invitation to be exactly where you are, here and now.

With the simple yet powerful tools of breath, awareness and touch we will explore together what’s happening in your body.

The form the massage takes may be gentle rocking, deep tissue work or just quietly holding, depending on what’s needed in the situation. We take the time to feel the impact, to give the body the opportunity to respond and share its deep wisdom that is beyond the mind.

Because everything is welcomed with friendly curiosity, the body feels free to open up and reveal deeper and deeper layers. Hidden tension patterns that once were necessary to protect us can come to the surface and be released. Pain we no longer fight can relax and soften. Our light we no longer fear can start shining.

Underlying Mindful Massage is an integral vision of body, mind and spirit. The way in which you hold the one, will influence the others. The body is a beautiful entrance to this unity.

For instance, learning to breathe into the pain or discomfort in our bodies during the massage, also opens the possibility to find more ease in the ‘outer world’. Learning to abide more deeply in our bodies, opens the possibility for more self-confidence and grace. Learning to be receptive to what will enfold, allows us to develop more trust. Learning to be present as a witness, enables us to quiet the ever busy mind.

Is Mindful Massage suitable for you?

The most important thing is your wish to actively engage in the exploration and your curiosity to find out more. The starting point of the session may be physical discomfort, emotional discomfort, or just the longing to deepen your relaxation and understanding. There is no need to have experience with bodywork and/or mindfulness.

During the session I mostly work directly on the skin, but if you are uncomfortable with this we will find another way. Generally I use little to no oil.

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