Slow Down & Recharge

It has been found that by slowing down at the right moments, people find that they do better in many aspects of their lives, in health, diet, school, relationships and even at work.

Regularly decelerating from our busy lives significantly increases our productivity, our brains become more capable of creative thinking and our nervous system re-balances. This prevents many of contemporary mental problems people experience when exposed to high levels of stress such as sleep problems, burn-out, anxiety and depression. When taking time regularly to slow down and recharge, life satisfaction and overall happiness grows and people report returned motivation and passion for things again.

By following our 10 week program, you cultivate your foundation for healthy mental attitude and personal happiness as well as you invest in the prevention of potential mental injuries caused by today’s demanding world. This program is also ideal support of a physical therapy sessions by addressing an emotional component of physical pain such as back pain.

This program is very affordable way to receive mental and physical support for an extended period of time!

How does this program work?

  • You will have weekly 30 minute massage sessions designed to stimulate parasympathetic nervous system that allows for deeper relaxation and better hormonal balance. It has been found that besides releasing the muscular tension, massage promotes production hormones such as endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine. These have the ability to counterbalance the damage caused by stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.


  • Each massage session will be suported with audio guided relaxation that is designed to promote your self-confidence and steady background happiness.


  • This program will guide you step by step through emotional coping strategies and strategies for emotional injury prevention. After each session you will receive instructions for a particular coping technique that will serve you as a powerful mental hygiene tool and it will efficiently reinforce your overall psychological resilience.

Who can benefit from this program?

This treatment plan is suitable for people exposed to high stress environments, for example university students, full-time working parents, entrepreneurs and  professionals positioned in competitive fields.

What do you need to do?

  • See if you can make time regularly that you dedicate to this program.
  • Send an email to and subscribe to this program.

What is the price?

Slow Down and Recharge 10 week program  €490,-



In 2015 I attended a 10-week programme for upper back and neck which helped me a lot. There I heard about a new programme about happiness and slowing down that would start in 2016. When it turned out to be really busy at work, and I had trouble to slow down in the weekends I decided to try this programme at Massage Sense. I am glad I did! I feel pampered and really well afterwards. Weekly exercises help me te become aware of habits that are helpful (or not!). I find the investment in myself is really worth it. I have recommended a few colleagues to try this too.

After a regular massage, I was told I was dealing with a stress related problems. Zuzana recommended to me a new kind of therapy; Slow down and Recharge Program. It is a half hour massage and during the massage you listen to guided relaxation to help you become happier and more confident about your life. Also received exercises and reading material/information about becoming happier to read and practise at home. The program really made me think and helped me to get a more positive view. It helped me get aware of what I am struggling with and helped me learning to relax better. It is a program for ten times/weeks and I really think the money I payed was worth it. I recommend to take the therapy if you're feeling down and have trouble relaxing or being happy in life. It really helped me allot!