Warm Bamboo Massage

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Despite being a relatively new massage technique in the Western World, the concept of Bamboo Massage has been in use for many centuries.

Bamboo usage in Chinese and Japanese healing techniques has been around for thousands of years because it is believed that it has numerous healing properties. Bamboo massage is a technology that use of different length and diameter of bamboo poles for deep tissue work.

In our massage practice we use so called Bamboo Fusion Technique where we combine the use of massage oil, heated bamboo sticks of varying lengths/sizes, hands, elbows and forearms. This makes for an effective treatment for chronic pain conditions caused by stress and tension. It also contributes to a sports performance improvement.

The massage itself promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage and provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. Bamboo sticks are believed to balance the Yin & Yang energies.

Please note that if you are a skinny body type, this treatment is not suitable for you.

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Until you've had a ‘warm bamboo’ massage by Ildiko, you truly can’t imagine how good a massage can feel. Her hands, the oil, the warm bamboo – it’s an amazing combination.

SarahI recently tried the Bamboo Massage with Ildiko, and it was wonderful! The warm bamboo sticks smoothed out large muscle groups, especially in my legs, and the combination of the sticks and more traditional massage left me relaxed and ready to face another week. I'm looking forward to my next one!