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Dedicated to your Well-being, since 2011

Hello, I’m Audie, hailing from the beautiful tropical island of St. Maarten. My journey into the wellness industry began at an early age, and it has been a fulfilling path ever since. As a dedicated massage therapist, I’ve found immense joy and satisfaction in my work, which has become a significant part of who I am.

Throughout my career, I’ve participated in various courses and mastered different massage techniques, solidifying my passion and calling in this field. My background in performing arts has been invaluable, giving me a deep understanding of body mechanics and anatomy, enhancing my ability to provide effective and holistic treatments.

Healing and energy are integral to my practice. I firmly believe that energy can be transmitted through words and physical touch, playing a crucial role in the healing process. My mission at Sense Massage is to offer bliss, care, and healing to every client I have the pleasure of working with.

I am super excited and grateful to join the wonderful team at Sense Massage. I look forward to growing, facing new challenges, and embarking on this exciting journey together.

Let’s create a path to wellness and relaxation together at Sense Massage.

booking with a GIFT CARD

Dear Valued Customers,

  • Booking with your Gift Card just got even better! Now, you can enjoy the flexibility of choosing between Fixed or Flexible appointments when redeeming your card.


  • While our current gift card template mentions only Flexible bookings, rest assured that our system now supports both options.


  • Please note: If your gift card predates our March 2024 price increase, there’s a chance it may not cover the full cost of your session due to recent adjustments.


  • Our gift cards act as credits, and any price differences must be settled upon booking.


  • Important: This information pertains exclusively to Gift Cards. Discount cards or coupons, such as our 10€ card or other types of discounts, can only be applied to Flexible Bookings.


For any other questions on how to redeem it, please visit our FAQ Section.


Thank you for choosing Massage Sense!

Dear Esteemed Clients,
We wanted to inform you that we will be updating our prices gradually starting February 19th to ensure our services remain in line with current economic conditions. This process will be completed before March 1st.
Here’s a summary of the upcoming changes:
* Appointment Prices: Appointments booked before the price update, whether fixed or flexible, will be honored at the price quoted upon booking. If our system updates prices before your appointment, your therapist will ensure the correct pricing is applied based on your booking record.
* Loyalty Packages: While the prices of our loyalty packages will be updated, your existing package will remain unaffected. You can continue enjoying the benefits of your package until your credits expire or are fully utilized.
* Gift Cards: The prices of our gift cards will also be adjusted. If you have purchased or received a gift card before the price update, there may be an additional amount to pay to match our new prices. However, rest assured that gift card amounts will always be used as credit towards any session.
We appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to maintain the quality you expect from Massage Sense.