My name is Risa. I am a Japanese Massage Therapist who has a strong affinity with acupressure techniques inspired by Shiatsu.

Furthermore I also have many years of experience working as a professional contemporary dancer.

I am born and raised in Tokyo and grew up with many people who are working as Seitai practitioners. Naturally I came to learn many ways of healing myself by massage.

Since I moved to the Netherlands in 2017, I have trained massage acupressure techniques and worked with several professional massage salons.

As I am still actively involved in the dance community, I especially enjoy to support my fellow dancers with massage. When I was working in the contemporary ballet company in Japan, I faced plenty of injuries on my body and I realised first hand that massage encourages recovery and relaxation, all crucial aspects for a healthy body.

Besides the physical benefits I believe massage is a gateway to expanding one’s mind.

So do stop by and I look forward to giving you my best work which hopefully leads to complete inner peace.