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The perfect gift for Valentine’s

Did you know that a massage is one of the most appreciated gifts?

You are in luck because you happen to know a massage practice that scores very highly through costumer reviews 🙂

So, get that gift certificate for a Couples Massage and enjoy a treatment together with your loved one.

You can give a special spa experience to your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend in the form of Hot Stone Massage.

Want to make her feel like a princess? Then get her the gift voucher for a Javanese Massage. A treatment that derives from a 40 day royal wedding ritual!

Want to give something relaxing, but not as passive? Something TO DO together? Then the Couple Massage Class is a perfect choice. Here you can learn how to give an “easy to learn” but “feels professional” back massage for home settings.

Here you can find out how to purchase one of our Gift Certificates.

Happy Valentines!




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