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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Caffeine – Part ll

The decisions you make today will pay off in the form of healthier body and mind in the future.

We believe that you don’t like to see yourself as deteriorating towards the older age. You have one body for your whole life, do take care of it! There is no option to replace your body when it’s broken like you would do with the car or a washing machine.

In our first article on caffeine, we explained to you what caffeine does and doesn’t do for you. We busted some of the myths that circle about coffee. And we told you when it is recommended to consume caffeine beverages and what role do your genes play when you drink coffee on regular base.

Today, we are going to give with you the simple caffeine addiction test. We will share with you further ideas about why it is a good idea considering to wean yourself from coffee, energy drinks and cola. Interested? Then read on.

No, I am not addicted

You can find out by using a small test. Try not to drink any coffee, tea, cola and do not take any pill that contains caffeine (for example paracetamol can be bought with or without caffeine, did you know that?)
So, “I could do it without any problem, but I don’t need to prove myself anything” is just an avoidant excuse. Why not try it? 

If you are not addicted, you will have absolutely no problem. But if you are low on energy and irritable in the morning and can’t start the day without coffee, you are addicted. If you can’t go through the day without caffeine, you are addicted.

We know it is not easy to accept, but you also don’t go to work without looking in the mirror, right? Or do you look instead on the picture of yourself from 15 years ago before you leave your house?

Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you during your 7 testing days. You may feel more sleepy than usual and you will have a chance to observe your body’s response. Withdrawal from caffeine does not trigger depression or aggression like the amphetamine based dugs.

What is expected to happen?

If you are addicted to caffeine, in first 5 days you can be irritable and constantly sleepy. Headaches and low concentration can be a bit nagging, but it will start gradually disappearing.
It takes only 3 weeks to get rid of the addiction and I consider this good news.

Why should I quit drinking cola or coffee?

The answer is simple.

  • Because your body is building tolerance for caffeine. Do not assume that here with the word “tolerance “means that your body, after some time of coffee consumption, does not get harmed anymore. No, the harmful effects are at work every time you ingest any form of caffeine. The only difference is that the effect of suppressing the tiredness decreases and your consumption of coffee naturally increases in order to get the same outcome.
  • The burned compounds from coffee beans and the sugar in the energy drinks and coke are harmful to your health.
  • Caffeine supports peristaltic function of your digestive system and your body will become dependent on this support. Without your daily dose of caffeine, the colon does not move the content naturally and this will disrupt for day or two your regular rhythm of emptying.

All these are reasons enough for you to use other, healthier ways to keep you performing well.
We will talk about this in my next blog.

In the meantime, leave your questions and comments in the section below.

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