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My name is Bianca, I have been relocated to Netherlands 4 years ago from London. I am a physiotherapist and a talented  massage therapist with over 10 years experience and  knowledge of wide range of massage methods and techniques from deep tissue, lomi lomi to relaxing, firm and anti-cellulites. I have worked for a number of physiotherapy practices, spa’s and massage practices.

I believe no two people are the same and so a really good massage comes from feeling and reacting to the different requirements of each person and their various muscles.

Massage has always been my passion, and I like to encourage relaxation, healing and promote a sense of well being through the healing arts of massage therapy.


After having obtained my certificate in Sports massage for practical reasons I became intrigued by the wonders of our body’s and minds. It set me off on a journey where I learned a broad range of styles and approaches of working with the body, helping it to free itself from all sorts of strain and becoming more balanced and healthy.
Since the early 1990’s I have worked with individuals and groups, where I taught yoga stretching, meditation and massage.

Every time you come for a massage is a new opportunity, so together we look what it is that you and your body need in the moment. Afterwards I may help you find ways to prevent complaints and maintain your balance and well being.
I know from experience how powerful touch can be when applied in an attentive and skillful way – so that’s exactly what I want to pass on to you.

Apart from Sports massage, I’m certified in Yoga Stretching, Re-balancing, Touch Pro Chair massage, Mindfulness and MindfulKids. Since 1996 I am a student in the Diamond Approach School of A.H. Almaas.


My name is Kamila, a Polish Physiotherapist who lives in Netherlands since July 2016.

I’ve got 4 years of professional experience in physiotherapy and massage. Many courses from various kinds of massage and physiotherapy enriched my experience and knowledge.

I followed:

Massage in biological regeneration and cosmetics-  anti- cellulite massage, Chinese suction cup anti- cellulite massage, hot stone massage, bamboo massage.

Rehabilitation massage –relaxation massage with aromatherapy elements, sport massage, Moxa therapy.

Physiotherapy- Integrated Soft Touch Techniques Trigger Points, Pain and Muscle Tone, Manual Therapy on Brian Mulligan’s Concept, PNF Concept and Kinesiology Taping.

Thanks to that I can connect both of these worlds, I can help people to get a balance between their body and mind.

As a  physiotherapist  I also implement coaching techniques to help people to achieve their goals in terms of wellness.

When working with people, the most important for me is to combine individual and psychological approach. Many  “problems”, sitting in our heads, can influence our physical health and well-being.

I am a positive and enthusiastic person with a sense of humour. I like working with people and for the people.

Massage gives me pleasure. During the therapy I give my all. I strive to create a warm atmosphere between me and my clients, and feeling of safety. I believe that it is a base of an efficient therapy.


In 2008 I founded Massage Sense. Since that time I have gained a lot of experience not only as a massage therapist, but also as an entrepreneur,  manager, inventor, teacher and mentor. My passion lead me to come in contact with many different people who are in different places in their lives This naturally brings different challenges to them.

This influenced my thinking about the ways body interacts with the mind and vice versa.  I believe that the manual therapy needs take into account also emotional and mental processes. So, I pursued the knowledge in both, separately, by completing two paths of education. One as a massage therapist and the other as a psychologist. During this journey my belief became a certainty, that it is the 2 sides of the same coin after all. Why not pay attention to both???

In my desire to help our clients in a most effective way, I started to combine these two approaches.  Therefore, I started to develop tailored programs (treatment plans and workshops) that would help particular groups of my clients with specific complaints.

Since January 2016 I am not active anymore in a massage therapy, but during my active years I assembled a team of like-minded therapists who continue my tradition and philosophy. Personalising each massage and our treatment plans are a signature of Massage Sense that caused a rise in our popularity especially with expat population in and around the Hague. For years now we hold a first place on Tripadvisor for Spas & Wellness in The Hague.


Massage is not just a luxury. It’s a way to a healthier, happier life. Massage feels amazing, but the benefits go beyond relaxation.

I am passionate about helping people and was attracted to massage as a way of healing both physically and emotionally. I have a keen interest about human nature, body and mind, and I focus on releasing stress and promoting relaxation through various techniques.

Since graduating from the Institute of Health Education and Training in 2005, in Budapest I have spent time working in thermal baths and hospitals there. Following my passion for adventure I went traveling and spent some years in London where I also worked as a masseur and mastered other remedial technics.

I have studied yoga in India and have a particular interest in yin yoga which focuses on deep stretching and release, breath and relaxation. I am a big believer in the importance of self-care for both the body and mind and the benefits of nurtured touch accessible through massage.

I combine remedial and relaxation techniques to relieve tension, promote relaxation, centre, ground and detoxify the body to assist my clients to live more fully.

In October 2019 I moved to the Netherlands with my family, and since then I am part of  Massage Sense’s team.


My name is Natalia, and I am a Brazilian physiotherapist, graduated in 2010.

I come from Rio de Janeiro. There, I worked at  the former’s  National Volleyball male Team Physiotherapist’s Clinic (Guilherme Tenius), until September 2019, when I moved to the Netherlands to do a Masters in Acupuncture.

I also do Massage Therapy , Relaxing Body and Facial Massage, Sport Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Renata França Method.

Lymphatic Drainage makes the body cleaner and healthier because it releases toxins and reduces swelling.

I really love helping people and providing them well-being.
Massage reduces pain, tensions and anxiety;  improves blood circulation, mood and sleep quality.
My massage sessions are really complete and with techniques, pressures and rhythms according to one’s preference.
Lymphatic Drainage makes the body cleaner and healthier because it releases toxins and reduces swelling.
Body Lymphatic Drainage Method Renata França:
 It has firm pressure and fast rhythm, as well as unique pumping and manoeuvring for immediate results. The technique reduces edema, activates blood circulation and boosts a complex network of vessels that move body fluids, reducing the dreaded cellulite. As a result, the body benefits from a reduction in swelling and gains a better defined contour, in addition to accelerating its metabolism and enjoying well-being.
Facial Lymphatic Drainage Method Renata França:
 With an immediate lifting effect, this facial massage bleaches, accentuates the face shape and promotes natural skin revitalisation. With drainage and modelling massage techniques, it has the function of draining swellings and promoting new contour to the face.

My name is Risa. I am a Japanese masseuse who has a strong affinity with acupressure techniques inspired by Shiatsu.

Furthermore I also have many years of experience working as a professional contemporary dancer.

I am born and raised in Tokyo and grew up with many people who are working as Seitai practitioners. Naturally I came to learn many ways of healing myself by massage.

Since I moved to the Netherlands in 2017, I have trained massage acupressure techniques and worked with several professional massage salons.

As I am still actively involved in the dance community, I especially enjoy to support my fellow dancers with massage. When I was working in the contemporary ballet company in Japan, I faced plenty of injuries on my body and I realised first hand that massage encourages recovery and relaxation, all crucial aspects for a healthy body.

Besides the physical benefits I believe massage is a gateway to expanding one’s mind.

So do stop by and I look forward to giving you my best work which hopefully leads to complete inner peace.


Hi my name is Monica,

I have been working as a Massage Therapist since I was 19.

From a young age I have been interested in the self healing ability of the body , how to listen to it and bring it back to balance.
Further developing the curiosity I studied Natural health Therapies and understanding the root causes of pain and illness. With this understanding I like to bring more awareness to the connection with our bodies and our true selves.
It is important for me to create a safe environment to give the space for my clients to fully relax.
I specialise in Energetic, Aromatherapy and Deep tissue massages.

I have been focused on wellness & wellbeing since 2013. My path started through Yoga and Ayurveda. I finished my first Ashtanga teacher-training course in 2013 in Mysore, India. This was quickly followed by intensive study and training on Ayurveda and Panchakarma in Kannur, India – the home of Ayurveda. I got certified as a Yoga teacher and received a certificate in Ayurveda after completing the public exams.

The years that followed in Europe, I started my own practice as an Ayurvedic consultant, Yoga instructor and massage therapist. Working for my practice and with Yoga and massage studios and practices. And followed more studies in sports massage and many other courses on aromatherapy, Lomi Lomi massage, cupping, trigger points, deep tissue and hot stone massage and many other spa treatments. I developed my massage techniques adapting and incorporating many of these methods.

In 2016 I started taking courses on non-violent communication and integrating it in my life and practice. Considering feelings, emotions and unmet needs as major trigger to body tension.

In 2019 I spread my interests even further as I started studying permaculture hoping it would bring me closer to my calling; Caring for the community and environment and living sustainably and creatively in harmony with nature.

I’m studying EFT at the moment. I guess I will keep on studying as long as I can.


In 2014 I completed my training as a massage therapist at the Omega Training Center, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I received a certificate for classical and medical massage with basic medical training and dermal spa therapies.

Several years of upgrading and developing my skills followed. I had the opportunity to work in SPA and wellness centers in some of the most visited tourist destinations in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach, Pomorie and Bansko.

Over time and practice, I improved my skills in Anti-stress, Classic, Sports and Deep-tissue massage. I also got acquainted with sea treatment – therapies with healing mud and therapies with sea salt, as well as with the oriental ritual “hammam”.

My experience as a massage therapist has taught me to prioritize the comfort and needs of the client. And the best reward for my work is to see a satisfied customer.


Qualified Massage Therapist


About us:

Massage Sense is an internationally oriented massage practice that specializes in massage treatments. This company has been holding a Nr. 1 place of the massage/wellness business in The Hague for number of years now and we are proud to host a superb team of dedicated massage therapists with a very strong working ethics and professional approach to our clients. We believe in the quality of the service and our philosophy is client centered.  We not only “do massages” but we try to make each treatment a therapy in order to make a difference and achieve results with our clients.

Job description:

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a massage therapist or trained physiotherapist with experience and excellent communication skills to join the international team at Massage Sense. You will be required to show up for your scheduled appointments with clients and provide your expertise during the massage therapy. You will have the opportunity to make follow up appointments and build your clientele base within our company.


  • Live in whit in The Hague area, Netherlands
  • Fluent in English and have effective communication skills. Other languages are welcome.
  • Massage qualifications such as sports massage, but other massage qualifications are welcome and will be considered.
  • At least 2 years professional experience in the field
  • Strong working ethics
  • Responsibility and ability to make decisions and handle situations with more demanding costumers
  • Self-motivated and pro-active


Send your application with CV to

Gekwalificeerde Massage Therapeut (aannemer)

Over dit bedrijf

Massage Sense is een internationaal georiënteerde massagepraktijk. Dit bedrijf is nummer één op Tripadvisor van het massage- / wellnessbedrijven in Den Haag en we zijn er trots op een fantastisch team van toegewijde massagetherapeuten. Wij geloven in de kwaliteit van de service en onze filosofie is zeer klantgericht. We doen niet alleen “massages”, maar we proberen van elke behandeling een therapie te maken die het verschil maakt voor onze klanten.


Wij zoeken een massagetherapeut of een getrainde fysiotherapeut met ervaring en uitstekende communicatieve vaardigheden. Je wordt verwacht om op tijd te komen voor de afspraken, en tijdens de behandelingen je expertise te gebruiken om de klant zoveel mogelijk te helpen. Je krijgt de mogelijkheid om vervolgafspraken te maken en je klantenkring binnen ons bedrijf uit te bouwen. Je volgt onze prijzen en de speciale deals die door ons zijn gemaakt en af ​​en toe wordt je verwacht op teamvergaderingen en interne trainingen om je repertoire op te frissen en uit te breiden. Je wordt ook gevraagd om enkele van de trainingen te leiden. Er kunnen ook trainingen zijn voor het inplannen van een aantal speciale aanbiedingen die bestaan ​​uit een mix van verschillende soorten behandelingen.

Je hebt andere inkomsten als je dat wilt. Dit wordt altijd besproken en overeengekomen op basis van de populairste massagetijden en de details van een niet-concurrentieovereenkomst met ons. je zult samenwerken met de andere collega’s op speciale evenementen zoals verwenfeesten of paren pakketten en we verwachten dat je proactief bent met het schoonmaken en bijhouden van de massageruimtes. Je wordt ook gevraagd om te werken tijdens feestdagen.


  • Woonachtig in Den Haag
  • Registratie bij Nederlandse Kvk (Kamer van Koophandel) en het BTW nummer.
  • Moet vloeiend zijn in het Engels en effectieve communicatievaardigheden hebben. Andere talen zijn welkom.
  • Massage kwalificaties zoals sportmassage, maar andere massage kwalificaties zijn welkom en zullen worden overwogen.
  • Minimaal 2 jaar beroepservaring
  • Persoonlijke vaardigheden en sterke werkethiek
  • Verantwoordelijkheid en het vermogen om beslissingen te nemen en omgaan met situaties met meer veeleisende klanten
  • Zelfmotiverend, pro-actief en een positieve houding
  • Flexibel. Uw werktijden zijn afhankelijk van de tijdsvoorkeuren van de klant voor afspraken. De belangrijkste werkdagen zijn zaterdagen en zondagen, avonden en feestdagen.


Stuur uw sollicitaties naar

Alleen aanvragen met bijgevoegd CV worden in behandeling genomen en beantwoord. Als je wordt gevraagd om naar een interview te komen, willen we ook een demonstratie van je vaardigheden. Na het interview krijg je per e-mail te horen of je bent geaccepteerd voor de functie.