My name is Ildiko, I am a qualified massage therapist (Vipassana Estudios Profesionales Especializados, Barcelona, Spain) in Therapeutic massage. I also hold certificates in Swedish massage, Hot Stone and Bamboo massage, Anti-cellulite massage, Chocolate and Honey detox massage and Spa therapies.

I have been practicing massage for over 14 years and I absolutely love what I do. My style of massage is a blend of techniques which serve to be effective in working out client’s problem areas while providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience. I am passionate about my work, very caring and I love helping people to relax and to feel much better during and after session.

I have learned that massage can truly be a major health benefit for all people no matter their illness, stress, pains, gender or age. Through massage, I learned to value the growth of human beings. I have experienced my own growth as well.

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Ildiko’s approach to massage is personal, versatile and very attentive to the individual. She pays great attention to your immediate and long-term needs any given day and blends many different techniques to treat them. I’ve seen major improvements in my well being from one week to the next. Ildiko lets you relax quietly with your thoughts while challenging your body ever so slightly during each session. Ildiko truly makes me feel as though I were her only patient – every time I leave, I realise the importance of continuous physical therapy for body and soul – I feel energised and relaxed at the same time. It feels good to take care of yourself!

Due to several constructional and health issues I have been visiting massage therapists and physiotherapists for many years. I have to say that Ildiko is truly one of the best. Her massage technique is deep and thorough. She knows how to put just the right pressure to loosen your muscle knots and at the same time help you relax and flush all your tension away. She always asks what area requires most attention and with just a few words she understands exactly where is the problem. I have tried Deep Tissue massage, Face massage and Anti Cellulite massage with her. All proven to be of the highest quality. She is trained to use massage cups that I find quite rare in a therapist. In addition to her being a highly trained professional, I find Ildiko to be a really sweet and honest person. She has given me advice in healthy eating and many tips that have benefited my daily life. Even if you live away from Den Haag like me, a massage with Ildiko is definitely worth the effort !”