Qualified Massage Therapist (contractor)


About This Company

Massage Sense is an internationally oriented massage practice that specializes in massage treatments. This company has been holding a Nr. 1 place of the massage/wellness business in The Hague for number of years now and we are proud to host a superb team of dedicated massage therapists with a very strong working ethics and professional approach to our clients. We believe in the quality of the service and our philosophy is client centered.  We not only “do massages” but we try to make each treatment a therapy in order to make a difference and achieve results with our clients.

Job description

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a massage therapist or trained physiotherapist with experience and excellent communication skills to join the international team at Massage Sense. You will be required to show up for your scheduled appointments with clients and provide your expertise during the massage therapy. You will have the opportunity to make follow up appointments and build your clientele base within our company. You will be following our pricing and the special deals that are created by us and occasionally you will be required to turn up for team meetings and in-house trainings to refresh and broaden your repertoire.  You will also be asked to lead some of the trainings. There may be also trainings before scheduling of some special deals that consists of a blend of different types of treatments.

You will have the flexibility to work also outside of our company and have other income if you wish to do so. This is always discussed and agreed on based on the most popular massage times and the specifics of non-competition agreement with us.  You will be required to cooperate with the other colleagues at the special events such as pampering parties or couples packages and we expect you to be a proactive with cleaning and keeping up the premises. You will also be asked to work during public holidays.


  • Must live in The Hague, Netherlands
  • Registration at Dutch Kvk (chamber of commerce) and the BTW number.
  • Must be fluent in English and have effective communication skills. Other languages are welcome.
  • Massage qualifications such as sports massage, but other massage qualifications are welcome and will be considered.
  • At least 2 years professional experience in the field
  • Interpersonal skills and strong working ethics
  • Responsibility and ability to make decisions and handle situations with more demanding costumers
  • Self-motivated, pro-active  and importantly positive attitude (if you are negative person, do not apply!)
  • Flexible.  Your working hours will depend on client’s time preferences for appointments. Main working days are Saturdays and Sundays, evenings and public holidays.
  • Non-smoker


Send your applications to

Only applications with attached CV will be considered and answered. If you will be asked to come to an interview, we will also want to see a demonstration of your skills. After the interview you will be contacted by us by email to let you know if you were accepted for the position.