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Top 20 anti-cellulite foods – Part 1

Everyone tells you that sugar, saturated fats, alcohol and caffeine are the sin foods that promote formation of cellulite. But you may wonder, are there foods that help to battle this uninvited guest in your skin pockets? I say, yes they are! And here I present to you first 5 of 20 top anti-cellulite foods and their “secret weapons”.

  • BEANS AND PULSES – They are full of fibre, but also provide protein. They include Calcium (important for fighting body fat) and Potassium (helps to fight fluid retention). Beans and pulses are great vegetarian choice on the anti-cellulite plan.
  • NUTS – Another high –protein choice and they are full of nutrients. Just two Brazil nuts provide your recommended daily intake of the vital antioxidant Selenium. They also contain vitamin E ( improves circulation as well as skin) and Mono-saturated fat (helps the body burn fat).
  • AVOCADOS – They may be high in calories, but they are packed with essential fatty acids, which improve the health of the skin and circulation and may also help your body burn fat. In avocados: vitamin E (vital for healthy skin) and Beta sitosterol (this fibre helps fight cholesterol and may improve circulation.
  • BANANAS – They are an excellent booster for blood vessels and healthy circulation. Bananas are a great snack at any time of the day. They include Potassium (fights fluid retention), vitamin B6 (another fluid fighter) and Magnesium (helps fight stress and its associated weight gain).
  • ASPARAGUS – Is a top cellulite buster because it strengthens veins and capillaries and controls blood pressure. It also includes Glutathione (a detoxifying enzyme and free-radical fighter, vitamin A and C (help to strengthen the skin) and B vitamins (create healthy circulation and lymph).

Remember, if you combine good diet with regular exercise and massages, that will not only help you to fight cellulite, but also you will be surprised how easy it is to stay positive and better focused in your daily tasks.


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