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Upper Back and Neck with Bonus!

Did you know you can follow a  treatment program with professionally certified massage therapists at Massage Sense? The most popular choice is Upper Back and Neck Treatment Plan. About 95% of people suffering from back pain find themselves in a category of “shoulders and neck ” due to our current lifestyles full of computers and cell phones. This program will teach you how to compensate for this effectively. When you subscribe to this program anytime during the month of May 2018, you will not only follow  a very helpful treatment plan that has much bigger potential to deliver pain and tension relief LONG TERM, but we add an extra bonus for you. During your treatments we will include an extra component that we borrowed from the next well recommended program called Slow Down and Recharge.  This program has been designed to help clients with an emotional/mental causes of muscular pain ( clients after burn out, suffering from depression and anxiety, or sleep disorders). So, for the price of one, you will enjoy even greater benefits!

PS: We are about to increase our rates after the summer, so this is also your last chance to get the package for the lower price.

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