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Valentine’s Special Deal

Come together with your partner on the 14th February to Massage Sense and experience romantic, side-by-side couples massage. We have prepared for your something very special this year. Not only that you get many extras with your couples treatment, just becasue we love to show off at this very special day, BUT it will cost you nothing more than a regular couples massage that you would book on any other day of the year! On the top of that, you will leave with a special Valentine’s present from us. We have limited number of couples massages that we can do on this day, so hurry up and book before we run out of free slots. Didn’t get a slot on the 14th? Don’t worry. Our special deal is valid from 14th all the way untill Sunday the 17th February. So, everyone who reserves a couples massage in these 4 days will be treated as Valentine. So, what will you experience? Special welcome drink, strawberiies, chocolate, flowers, head-to-toe massage with essential oils mixed into a ” Royal Blend” (the one royalties used in Java during princes’ wedding ritual), and the promissed suprise present to take home. All that in Valentine’s atmosphere of or studio! So why not giving your loved one a special treat and share it with them? Go ahead and book. It is worth it! Not convinced? Perhaps this article can help you decide.

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