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What do you pay for?

You just made an appointment for one hour massage…

After the massage you pay the price that is on the pricelist of this massage practice, or you get a discount of some sort. How much thought did you give it?

What do you think, it is expensive? Cheap? Fair price? What do you base your evaluation on?

Let us help to make up your mind about this:

What most people think they are paying for
What you are actually paying for:

An experienced certified therapist to do 60 minutes massage, plus:

such as massage table, linens and towels

(oils, essential oils, etc)

Consultation time
(outside of 60 minutes of your massage). Did you ever noticed that at Massage Sense, we spend time talking to you before and after the massage to make sure we understand what you need from us and to give you practical advice for home? Did you also noticed that the time spent talking to you is never included in the massage time? And, did you know that many other massage places include consultation in those 60 min of your booked appointment, so you actually get much shorter massage with them (probably for the same price as ours)?

Recuperation time
A massage therapy (if performed according to our standards and philosophy) is a physically and mentally demanding work that can not be performed for hours without allowing the therapist’s body to proper recuperation time. Massage Sense has strict policy to limit a number of massages per day per therapist to ensure that you never have to get a massage from tired and cranky person. We believe that we need to give our best with every single massage that we offer. And we hope you notice this difference compared to other massage places. 

Education and years of experience
Massage Sense cooperates only with professionally certified massage therapists with number of years of experience

The amount of money spent in lessons and massage training to keep up ongoing education and deepening expertise
each therapist working in Massage Sense takes on average 2 specialised massage courses per year and number of “inhouse” trainings

Rental, energies and maintenance costs
of the premises where you can feel comfortable, relaxed, warm and safe. The rental costs go sky-high for the location that is chosen to make it easily accessible and convenient for you with no stairs to climb up, close to public transport, in the safe neighbourhood with parking right in front of the door.

the premises and washing the linens and towels.

Promotion and website costs 

This includes (but not limited) to all the promotional material that is printed each season, gift certificates, posters, graphic design, social media advertising.

Telephone/internet bills and time
spent communicating with you and arranging your appointments or other booking and bank fees.

and everybody’s favourite (not small at all) 21%BTW and income taxes.

And, at the end of all, price also has to cover therapist’s salary

What is your thought on this? How much do you think the massage therapist actually earns? Share it with us in the comment section below.


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